Price Alerts

Want to know the best time to book to get the best rates? Leave it with us. We'll keep an eye on prices and let you know when there's a great deal on your favourite hotel.

Choose a hotel

Found a great hotel? Perfect! Look for the alert button at the top of the hotel page.

Set an Alert

Set a Price Alert by pressing the alert button.

We'll do the rest

Yep, it's that easy. If the price drops by at least 10% you'll be the first to know.

Instant Notifications!

With Price Alerts you can bag the best possible price without any of the hard work. We'll watch the price for you and if it drops, you'll get a real-time notification via email or push message straight to your mobile.

And don't worry - we won't bombard you with messages. We'll only notify you if the price drops by at least 10%, otherwise we'll message you after 5 days with the current price then continue to monitor it for you. We'll then delete the alert automatically once the check-in date passes. If you want to cancel an alert before this, you can turn it off at any time.

Just one thing to remember though... you snooze, you lose! As prices can change quickly be sure to act as soon as you can after getting the alert.

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  • Hot tip! Book a room now that allows Free Cancellation. If later you get an alert saying the price has dropped, book a room at the same hotel for the cheaper price then cancel your original booking. The best deal with none of the risk. Too easy!
  • Hot tip! Increase your chances of getting the best rates by turning on mobile push messaging to get instant notifications. Learn how
  • Hot tip! Set alerts for a few hotels at once to maximise your chances of getting a lower price.
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Save Big with Price Alerts

On average, guests are saving 22% with Price Alerts - with a record saving of 89%!

See what our guests across the world have to say:

I love using the Price Alert feature. I set alerts, sit back and wait until the alert comes through. I then book and count the savings!
Jackie Australia
The Price Alerts is a very helpful, money saving feature that always helps me find the best hotel deals.
Gavriel Israel
I saved a lot of money with Price Alerts, and the price I found even included breakfast. It was fantastic, thanks HotelsCombined!
Lin Taiwan


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  • What happens when the date of the Price Alert has passed?

  • Do I need to sign up to set an alert?

  • How can I cancel my original booking?

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